• tari_eno 10w

    I'm broken, power tripping and power tools can't fix this
    Dealing with self inflicted pain
    Encompassed with the harm because i failed to deal with it when I could
    Procastinating my healing, habits I was scared to leave
    Hurting myself everyday with my thoughts and actions, things I could've avoided, always believing it gets better
    Telling myself the ship won't sink
    When I could've abandoned it and boarded another
    Now I'm drowning in the ocean of dark thoughts that hover over my head like floats on parades
    But I think I've found my weaknesses, identified the problems
    Heard that's the first step in dealing with them
    So hopefully things will only get better from here, I'm going up the hill now
    The days would evolve and rays of sunshine would fill the inner room of my mind
    Guess I've gotta stay positive now and take leaps of faith while I turn my back on the echos of suffering and look on to the better days ahead