• unknown_facts1523 10w

    A short story ❤

    Once there was a man who has his pet shop and he put a board outside his shop and mention that puppy's are on sale.
    A little boy came and asked him for a puppy he said him that is of 5000 rs . The boy said that I have only 500 rs .so the man disagreed and said no I can't give you. Then the boy said that okay can I see all the puppies. The man said sure you can. As soon as the boy reached near the puppies what he found is one puppy is running slowly. He asked the man why is running slowly, the man said that his one leg is broken hence he cannot walk in his entire life. The boy decided that he will buy this puppy only, the man was suprised why the little boy is buying this one .. he said you can take this dog free of cost .. but the boy said no he will give the same amount i.e. 5000 . So he handed over 500 to the man and said that ever week he will come and give him money.