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    The Better me

    The days are brief,
    The storms are towering;
    Along thy wretched soul.
    The dreaded ailment,
    Had left the scars
    Deep down the physique,
    Crippling the youthful mind;
    Across the brief sands of time.
    Yearning a cheerful dawn;
    That never ever fade away.
    The sky, the earth & his creations,
    Seems marvelous than ever before.
    The untold words & unexpressed emotions,
    Lingered in the dejected mind.
    Let me set back along the life lane,
    To be a better human than ever before.
    To fulfill the pivotal role
    As a dutiful daughter,
    A loyal wife & a beloved mother.
    To love more and to be loved
    To share & to care,
    And to behold firmly
    My loved one's
    Before its too late,
    To taste the essence of life.