• shanara3den 22w

    I wrote this a while back.. coincidence that I post it on a Wednesday. ��

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    On this rainy day

    On this rainy day
    The streets deserted
    As people fear nature's nourishment
    Seeking shelter from it

    In the late afternoon
    The sky a gloom
    Leaving no room
    For the blue to prove

    On this rainy day
    The trees sway in unison
    As nature conveys her cruel winds
    Causing the rain to feel like pins on my skin

    The crisp air carries her scent
    As she is drenched
    Due to the heavens extension
    On this rainy Wednesday

    The sound of the rain
    Is like a masterpiece
    A beautiful symphony
    It beckons me
    It whispers dearly
    Saying "hear me"