• prose_of_soul 6w

    Paths if meant to cross
    Will cross some day...
    Till then we all are strangers
    Some impress by words
    Some by gestures
    And some by looks...
    But what fascinated me
    Was the presence in crowd
    That was not the part of it....
    I read those verses one by one
    And here I got to know how she spun
    Those letters beaded in strings of verses
    A row of letters so poetically fun
    Depth of emotions lying in them
    For I read them all just one by one
    It felt as if I was reading her soul
    For someone whole heartily expressed each letter
    Each line getting better and better
    For she touched me deep within
    For she was like me standing in ocean of people like a brim
    Attracted by those words we just became friends
    From strangers to perfect strangers it all just began.......
    Meeting over words is something you can't describe
    A feeling to be in touch staying miles apart..
    For two lonesome beings united by strings of words
    Just an emotion if valued by heart......
    For we don't know each other but yes our words definitely know eachother well...... . ❤️❤️

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    That perfect stranger
    I found amidst of verses so pure....