• muskan_11 5w

    "Corruption" is a polluted home,
    Limitless and shapeless;
    Countless fragments hide themselves
    under the shades of "faceless".
    I wonder!
    What are they trying to win?
    'cause the prize is just "suffering",
    the ink which flows on blank pages
    always goes directionless.
    What an endless war!
    I am choking at this point,
    My words stuck crying inside me.
    No, you don't understand
    I am inhaling the atoms of deceit
    Do you see?
    I am dying
    I am dying
    I am dying.
    I never had a choice,
    Those corrupt minds
    had raped my mind too,
    No, I do not blame them,
    I blame whatever lives inside of me,
    The ship of fear,
    It sails in the sea,
    The sea of peace I share;
    Each emotion swirls within.
    Perhaps, in search of the right path,
    But this labyrinth, Alas!
    There is no escape.
    Heart has its own rules, you see;
    doesn't beat on your rhythm
    It rides with emotions you feel.
    Fear is one of them, either it
    can drown you in its depth
    or can keep you afloat.

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    The ship of fear