• officer_chogwu 10w

    The Rope and it's uses.

    “My life is a mess, I might as well rope. That’s the statement a depressed think is dope.
    Their fear of life is greater than the fear of death.
    They’ve given up on life and secretly hide hope in sheath.

    Purchasing a rope for their final voyage.
    To end the unshared problems they’ve cage.
    Writing about this always comes with rage.
    For I and the idea of suicide ain’t on the same page.

    The rope and it’s uses Fatimah said:
    One for swinging another for suicide.
    The fund for buying death has been paid.
    Negative circumstances they’re unable to bide.
    Sing a song of hope and open your heart to listen.
    Buy a rope to skip and swing to release the tension.
    Suicide is never an option.