• wordsfromthebrainandheart 6w

    Save the oceans

    If I was a mermaid long ago,
    I'll be free,
    I'll be swimming beyond borders,
    And be in places I'll never gotten to see,
    I'll play with all my new friends,
    And even help the ones in need,

    If I was a mermaid in 2020 ,
    I'll be a maid to help spread the word,
    To keep the ocean unposioned
    From harmful chemicals,
    To stop dumping waste ,
    And put a stop to hurting those that cant be heard,

    If I was a mermaid right now,
    I'll start a campaign,
    And file a complain,
    I'll be an activist
    To help save my world,
    I'll never stop fighting,
    So many tails and flippers are saved
    From just becoming a old story.