• rebelpjones 10w

    Her Magic/ Beautiful Creation

    It was truly beautiful
    Even soothing,
    the way she loved me
    and connected to thee,

    embraced in her midnight glow
    serenaded by the sounds of
    the midnight orchestra
    within the woods that
    surrounded us.

    Her magic astounded me
    and I became thirsty for more
    and deeply and darkly obsessed.

    Thoughts of her,
    images in my head
    within my fantasies like
    I was possessed,

    picturing her undressed as
    I became erect
    but my excitement for her
    wasn't just due to her
    pure powerful sex,

    it wasn't due to her blinding beauty
    or the wisdom she subjects,
    it was something more
    I couldn't put in words,
    a feeling like I've
    never ever felt before.

    She twirled in dance
    beneath the midnight moon,
    around a blazing flame,
    her dance was entrancing as I
    became lost in her gaze.

    As we physically connected
    naked and naturally
    pastinating the seed of
    new life affectionately.

    I suddenly felt an
    explosion of blessings
    come shooting
    from out of me
    to occupy by the thousands
    in the warmth of her deep
    seas and valley's.

    Once again through
    loving creation
    more magic was born,
    The world was just brightened
    as this magical blessing took form.
    A new level of Rebel
    has now entered the world.