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    As always ,
    I was sitting in the last bench of the park and starting my sketching .
    I saw the cutest old couple in the park daily,They also always noticed me but never come closer to me ,
    I saw them and smiled blissfully , they also replied me with the same smile .
    They both were continuosly watching me and I know that,
    On that day ,After sometimes , they come closer to me and ask to me what you are doing here daily with paper and pencil??
    I up my face and showing them my sketching .
    The cutest old couple eyes filled with tears and his cheeks touch their eyes and they both start smiling with blissfully.
    The old men ask me silently,
    How you did this??
    Who is your inspiration ??
    I was smiled , and answer him I did this because of you .
    And my inspiration is myself ,I inspired by my past and also I inspired by you ,I see both of you daily .That ,how you both are lucky and stay together, laugh together, enjoy together.
    They both are smile and giving blessings to me.

    You know what was in that Sketch, I draw
    "The old couple laughing together with holding hands".

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    Feeling blessed , when you having
    A True partner in your life
    With whom u feel boundless,
    Safe and secure,
    The Happiness always
    Live in your relationship.