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    Its really very painful to lose someone..especially when he is your life. A tribute to all those brave wives of the jawans who martyred.

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    The days just ended with a few moments of happiness and joy and now the idols of goddess durga are immersing in water and it is reminding me of that moment when we first met .Ohh!! It was love at first sight.How amazing that day was. And how can I forget about last year??the day I saw you for the last time..How can I forget it?? My face was smeared with sindur(vermillion), happily playing with other married women when suddenly the tragedy happened...all my dreams crushed down...everything ended...my world became so dark...I couldn't even believe that news unless I saw your body smeared with blood...
    Till now I question myself how can you leave me alone forever??what about the promises you did?what about those things we dreamt together??I am just dead from inside.
    Till now I don't accept the news that you martyred.
    We still have a lot of things to do together..Our dreams are just endless..I still have your last letter..I read it regularly just to feel your presence..I know you are always here for me...I miss you so much..

    But now I know that there is no hope to see you once again.The last time I saw you you were in the coffin decorated with flowers for the last time.I know I have to be strong and look after maa and baba. Its been one year but why do I feel like I haven't seen you for 1000 years??
    Now my days gets passed without any excitement, there are no hopes of getting your phone calls. I am always lost in my own thoughts. Every single hour I question myself and then answer myself just to accept the truth.
    See ! I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't noticed that the idol totally submerged in the water.
    Now ,I have to go back to look after maa and baba.
    I hope you come back soon.

    With love,
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