• scarlettautumn 10w


    I want to know when it's the last time that I see you
    I want to memorize the colour of the walls
    Of the t-shirt that you wear
    The print of the bed covers in which we lay
    I want to feel the weather that day a bit too much
    Wouldn't it be perfect if it rains?
    I wish it rains the whole day
    I want to know when we share the last smoke
    So that I take a little too long with it
    I want to choose the last song that we listen to
    It's so hard to decide on this one
    I want the memory of your last smile to be imprinted in me
    That impish smile of yours, pretending everything is perfect
    And we aren't slowly breaking inside
    I want to know the last time you hold me in your embrace
    So that I shatter when I let you go
    And lose pieces of me when I say goodbye
    Life takes back a lot of things that it gives you
    If it takes you away
    Which I know it will
    I know life like that
    I want to know when it does
    So that I atleast get to say goodbye
    Goodbye is the saddest word I know
    And the saddest goodbyes are those
    Which couldn't be said.