• pen_mind 5w

    Failed lover

    God knows I wanna love you
    With all of my heart,body and soul,
    I wanna be loyal,hold your hands,and walk through the darkest days,I wanna be
    There standing with you,when the whole
    World is standing against you,God
    Knows how much,I wanna wipe your
    Every tears that falls,and make them
    Mine,I wanna support your dreams and
    Help you achieve your goals,I wanna love you,with your flaws,imperfections and mistake,I wanna be a friend, brother, sister,and a lover in every situation that it requires,do you even know how much I wanna scream in our
    Own little world of how Much I love you.I wanna be all that I could be for you and beyond..how sad" I don't even know how to"