• doughty 6w


    The western wind travels to unknown lands
    In unison with fleeting clouds heading east
    Aspirations of man drowns in engulfing darkness-
    Who dare light a candle in failure's labyrinth.

    The sky is in shambles; the space is shattered 
    Millions of falling stars incinerate hopes, 
    Jupiter with collided moons volcanoes towards dreams. 

    The sun weeps in fury
    The oceans boil with rage
    Success is a fiction buried deep in earth molten magma. 

    Glistening sweats on all shades¹
    While trying to weather a storm of mountains
    A crack. A crush, dreams keep falling into defeat's gulley. 

    No one lights a candle in failure's  labyrinth While rue rules the rue²
    Setbacks wins the day. 

    1 shades- different skin colours 
    2 rue- French for street 

    © Lanlehin Habeeb ( doughty)