• barbietocatwoman 6w

    It's unlike me to lend a hand
    Never been known as a kind one
    I'm the one walking around trailing sulphur
    Turning eyes to the side it's not supposed to
    Love is it's own fucking thorn
    You don't play the song on a siren herself
    The siren herself is a monster
    There are many ways this can play out
    None where I end with a husband

    No time for pleasantries I see
    Apparently you've already locked the mines in
    And the battle is supposed to begin
    Lust in check, no Liam Callahan threat
    The trump card you'll never see coming
    First not last on a long list of no's
    Last not first but winner takes all
    You'll be mine if it's the last breath I take
    I'm already yours if I die before I wake


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    Before I Wake