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    A story of five deaths.


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    Five Deaths

    The doctor offered my father a choice.
    The newborn or the lovely wife?
    My father broke and couldn't choose.
    Doctor took a risky undertaking
    Cutting out the belly with surgical precision
    Saving me and my mother.
    I was born from a lifelong scar
    And I taught myself to love
    All the scars.

    I got small pox when I was a young kid.
    Same disease which wrecked havoc
    In Native America some hundreds
    Of years ago.
    It decimated and wiped off
    Entire communities.
    Tell me again how science
    Doesn't improve our lives?

    I grew up and got Typhoid
    Admitted to a hospital for a week
    I learnt how most nurses
    Hail from Kerala.
    Also, I kept this as a reminder
    That our rivers are polluted,
    Our groundwater is polluted,
    And our ponds are gone.

    Intoxicated with smoke and leaves
    Driving a bike and met an accident
    Just before reaching National Highway.
    Escaped death from my high-way
    And learnt that carelessness is not fun
    Nor is thoughtlessness.
    (Never (drink/smoke) and drive.)

    Sitting in backseat of a big car
    Leaving for an exciting trip
    Witnessed a road accident
    And the driver raced the car
    In fear and trepidation
    Coming face to face with
    A speeding truck
    Coming in wrong direction.


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