• stevenlee 5w


    I am awakened, in my world, as I paint, the air, in a darker shade, of pale, as I remember, those hazy days, of thy youth, in the summer, among the hills, where the world, seemed, to stand still, as with thy love, sent from above, we watched, the seasons change, not knowing, our depth of range, as the mountains, were lined, with adventure, not knowing, which path to take, but in hand, we did take, finding in our journey, the sea, being you, an me, join a we, being forever eternal, in this home, we made, as every night, we prayed, that life and love, being under thy spell, knowing thou has, dreams, to sell.

    So now, even in this time, being that, thou art, still mine, I still, can hear, thy voice, in the breeze, letting me know, thou art near, as this moment, doth freeze, as I see thee, in the beauty, of these trees, being on my knees, as I, with you, become whole, being in thy heart, the other part, of thy body and evermore, within thy soul.