• princejamela04 5w


    Days spent with you I'll never forget,
    I will always remember.
    Those laughs we shared,
    The good times we had.
    Times you made me sad,
    Times I made you feel bad,
    Gone are the days.

    How I wish for your love again,
    The dose that took away my pain.
    Take me back to those hours,
    Where I used to pick you flowers.

    Take me back to those old days,
    Where our love shined like the rays.
    Where our hearts connected without a string,
    When you would hold me and sing.
    When I would reach the skies without a wing.

    Take me back to that place,
    Where the only thing beautiful was your face.
    Where you would reach for me with a kiss,
    Such moments I miss.

    I want to feel that love again,
    Where we would look at each other like we are insane.
    Where I made you giggle like a child,
    Look down smile and try to hide.
    Then I'll know what it means being human.