• lalac42 6w

    Forever and a Day

    He was the love of my life
    I thought he was going to love me forever and a day
    But I guess he had other plans cause it didn't turn out that way
    When I was with him I felt the moon and the stars were at my finger tips
    I found life in his touch..
    When he spoke to me
    I truly believed this man loved me deep
    His chest was my safe haven when I cried it caught every tear
    His arms reassured me that he would always be here....
    Now my tears flow like a river
    Nothing to catch them or me
    How can one be so full of pain
    But yet so empty
    the moon and the stars are no longer at my finger tips
    I no longer feel safe in his arms the same heart that swore to protect me has caused mine the most harm
    Those same arms that used to hold me held his things as he walked away
    And my heart whispered I thought you'd love me forever and a day!!