• dotsey 9w

    Picture credit to @penciledcelebrities

    Black is my color
    Black is me George Floyd

    I thought black is ok
    But it ended me

    God made me black
    They comprehended me not

    And how much more my colour
    It's a pity

    He cried on that day
    He yelled on that day

    But nobody came to His rescue
    But God was there with Him

    He call out for the mother on this day
    Oh mother, this is the end

    He yell on his voice but wasnt loud
    because he kneel on His neck

    He respected them and call them sir
    For a good terms, but was never so.

    Where is my justice?
    Who will rescue me?

    He shouted my neck
    I can't breathe

    But they never heard Him,
    Because they purposed it.

    He was kind
    He was passionate

    He was telling the world that everybody needs love
    Love don't hate no matter the colour you're

    Love is justice

    It place no hate in heart
    It's adorable and kind

    Who understood me till my last breath ?
    Only God understood me in my pain

    Hey dear,
    Remember this world can't save you.

    The world is full of evil

    How do you keep going?
    Jesus is our redeemer

    Hope in Him
    Because the world will fail you.

    James 5:9
    Do not grumble against one another,
    brethren, lest you be condemned.
    Behold, the Judge is standing at the door!

    God bless you



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