• bukola_d_adewuyi 9w

    Plenty of love

    There was a line that led to love
    Crowds gathered in their numbers
    Awaiting the apportionment
    Of said commodity

    It's no wonder many wanted to partake in the exercise
    It came with absolutely no price tag
    The countenance of most betrayed them as they tried so hard__yet failed to hide their ecstacy

    I noticed that i was alone in the boat of my anxiety
    I shivered at the thought
    That all would have been exhausted before it got to me
    And then i smiled,chuckled maybe at the realization of my needless worries

    "How did I not notice it??"
    Boldly written it was
    The inscription right in front of my face
    It read
    "There's plenty of love to go around"