• nanaeghan 22w

    Letter To My Ex

    I yearn to see you,
    But the sight of you, makes me wanna puke.
    My heart calls for u
    Like the broken pieces of glasses
    Yearning to be fixed together.
    Yes cos thats the state ur absence has put me in
    There's a vacuum in my chest,
    filled with hate cos u made a mess
    In my mind, shattered my heart. Now, my soul is as the broken mirror of snow white.
    You used to be the face I loved to see in the morning but now even in my grave I'd hate to look at u.
    Your smile brightened up my day
    but now your smile manifests the presence of Lucifer.
    I made you my world not knowing,
    That you belonged to the dark pits of hell.
    Even now writing to you,
    My pen feels as tho its seated on the throne of the devil,
    Carved with fire.