• indestructibledark 6w

    Choking on Trust

    Just got to ask
    Myself something
    What do I really attract?
    It seems from
    My perspective
    That I attractive
    Liars and users ,

    Ain't no joke
    Or something
    I've guessed
    Everyone I know
    Has mislead
    Me somehow,

    Nope I'm not
    It's what I've seen
    It's what I know
    All the waggonist
    Made me choke
    On trust and love,

    I'm not crazy
    These are just facts
    Love cheated me
    Family killed me
    Friendship broke
    All have lead me
    To this destructive
    Beast or being
    Whatever I am ,

    Thou a physchotic mess
    That I can be
    Life has thought me
    A great lesson,

    Where bloody veins
    Run through human flesh
    Trust does not exist
    And love is a
    A fatal lie,

    If you don't believe me
    Try it
    You'll surely
    Choke on trust .