• mike_afreeka 9w


    Chosen are the shukas of maasai warriors,
    Red-boxed stripes matching well with jewelleries dangling on their necks,
    Spears for Lions machetes for steaks.
    Chosen are the hadzabe's monkey eating manners,
    Chosen are Tinga-Tinga arts galleries filled with beautifully painted banners.

    Chosen are storytelling sculptures of makonde craftsmanship;
    I chose 'Makange' with black tea when I went to Bukoba for family trip.
    Chosen are Kayaks sitting along Lake Tanganyika ready for 'Dagaa' fishing.
    Chosen was 'Osokonoi' syrup which I sipped a glass and my stomach stopped itching.

    Chosen are 'Iraqwi dasu' with their Afro-Arab faces glowing in rural Katesh and Mbulu District.
    No Maasai woman shares a table with men. That's chosen and very strict.
    Chosen are 'Unyago' sessions in Zaramo families having their girls ready for marriage tips;
    So Harmony in Love goes far dipper as one can see it in Ethiopian 'Ukuli Bula's' sticks and whips.


    1. Maasai Shukas-fabrics won by maasai people as their traditional dressing.
    2. Tinga Tinga Arts- The painting style developed by Edward Said Tinga Tinga in the second half of 20th Century.
    3. Makange- Traditional food for Wahaya tribe from Kagera Tanzania.
    4. Dagaa- Small and widely known fish available in Lake Tanganyika in Kigoma region and as well in Lake Victoria.
    5. Osokonoi- A traditional maasai remedy made up from kind of Accacia roots.
    6. Dasu- A term meaning Girls in Iraqwi(mbulu) tribe.
    7. Unyago- The coming of Age rituals for girls in Swahili culture.
    8. Ukuli Bula- A traditional ceremony by Hamar tribe from Ethiopia where women jumps over bulls and also get whipped to bloody scars as a sign of love to their husbands to be.
    9. Hadzabe- An indigenous ethnic group living around Lake Eyasi in Northern Tanzania. Monkey is one of their favourite barbecue.
    10. Wamakonde- A tribe in the South East Tanzania well known for their wood carving arts.