• zoobait360 5w


    You're a fake,
    You're a fraud,
    You're just in it for juul pods.

    You're a cheat,
    You're a thot,
    Stole my money to buy pot.

    Pushed my words,
    To the side,
    Took a new guy for a ride.

    Talk about,
    Guys you hate,
    then ask them out on a date.

    Lead me on,
    Fool me once,
    Won't see you for two more months.

    Please don't come,
    Close to me,
    Twenty friends went down to three.

    Three more left,
    Who comes next,
    Left me on read in our texts.

    One more chance,
    Is all you get,
    Fake me out and you can bet,

    I'll be down,
    To two friends,
    Turns out friends aren't until the end.