• proper_noun 11w

    I always wonder which is easier to decipher!

    is it a brooding smile over a fleeting thought?
    or a tear jerked off whist the pain is sought!
    is it an innocence that's oblivious of its existence?
    or a cynicism that's smirking in its belligerence!

    is it the flight of birds before the storms?
    or the fight of words following the norms!
    is it the hushed atrocity guised as normalcy?
    or the gushed verbosity poised as dormancy!

    is it the precautions taken,
    thinking of the present's persistence?
    or the notions shaken,
    linking the past's existence!

    is it the angst of prey
    looking over its shoulders in its slumber?
    or the pangs that pray,
    feeding the mouths that shudder in their hunger!

    it is the broken patterns,
    that are inevitably inconsequence?
    or the inquisitive lanterns,
    that justify their piquance!

    is it an end that begets a start?
    or is it an illusion labelled as an art!
    is it time broken into indifferent rhymes?
    or are we assembled by the worth of our dimes!

    I always wonder which is harder to dismiss!


    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    and then we are adjudged,
    by a brittle mettle behind a broken binocular,
    parsing the nuances of our faults!