• so_sammie 6w

    Are you real?
    Are you out there?
    Sometimes I wonder if we weren't created to exist
    But to co-exist as you and I, not you ,not I!
    Are you the reason why I sometimes repeat my thoughts in my head in case you didn't hear them because such is our connection.
    We are yet to meet
    But when we do meet I'll know it's you
    I wouldn't even have to look at you to know.
    I would know because my heart beat would accelerate like an alarm set to 'skip a beat'in your presence
    I would know when the adrenaline rush becomes too much for my knees to handle I can't bring myself to walk to you
    When my words get too excited they rush out of my mouth before my mind has a chance to panel beat them because YOU MAKE ME SPEECHLESS
    When words fail to roll off my tounge and formulate speech
    I would know when my brain stops all function for a fraction of a second to appreciate your presence I forget my own name
    I would know when my morals pack their bags and desert me just so I can pretend not know your name and listen to your angelic voice as you say,
    "Hie we finally meet , I'm your soulmate yes I'm real yes I have been out there waiting"

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    Dear Soulmate