• chitrabhanumohanta_ 22w

    The Fake Smile

    Another morning
    The mirror figured me out
    How I was broken the previous day
    How I was shattered to pieces so small,
    numbers so many
    Will facing the Boss be that comfortable today?
    How am i going to face my colleagues
    Shall i take a leave?
    For the day?
    Hey mirror don't kill me like that.
    I need a break at the corner of my room.

    But wait..
    I have been through this, before.
    A several times maybe..
    I faked a smile
    The mirror responded a plus, this time..
    The mirror accepted my smile,
    The rest of the world will follow..
    I picked my chin up
    Saw my reflection into the eyes..
    tried fixing my broken parts..
    I had skipped the last night's meal
    But not this time..
    Cooked my favorite omelette on the count of ten
    Rolled it among the breads
    Ran for the bus
    A new day
    Several new struggles
    But a Hope
    "The fake Smile"