• diana733 10w

    I was standing nearby a window pane,
    The sour water, tasting, trickling down
    My cheeks.
    I was lost in the mirage of hopes.
    If only you had understood me and my problem!
    People ask me to leave you,
    They tell me let go of you!
    Is that that easy?
    The catastrophe is so voluminous and gigantic ,
    It is difficult to undo the casualties.
    You know, I could have blinded them for you.
    I could have continued to be us.
    But I didn't because you
    Stabbed daggers from back!
    You back bitten me.
    Blinded with pain , completely in rage,
    I left you to you and your lines.
    Because you were unaware ,
    Without sugarcoating your words,
    That you were speaking daggers to me.
    And they were enough to slaughter the
    Only relation of 10 years.

    #pod #postoftheday #mirakee #daggers #sugar
    This one's an ode to that person whom I knew since last ten years but now is a complete stranger!����

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    Dagger and sugar!

    Choose your words carefully!
    You never know when you are speaking daggers or sugar to someone!