• rara_firdausi 36w


    Wait till you find the great flaw that lies, 
    buried treasure deep, in those who we think
    the best of us.

    Let somnolent betrayal seethe slow till
    aflame in the face of apprehensions, fears;
    unleash, don't drown your music in their noise, 
    instead run worlds outside, a universe within, 
    force will to tear the house down on their heads.

    Step out, reclaim, your world away from their world; 
    an island of reeds, of corals, of fish, 
    of some such beings of feeling, 
    who love and tincture all life with love, 
    and there bask, fish, bake, read, compose, retire, 
    each night riding an egret home to dreams, 
    asking poet, recluse, star-crossed lover combine, 
    guard your grave's gaping mouths 'gainst
    the best of us.

    Save not your words for when it's time to go, 
    tell anyone who'd come close to listen, 
    the game is rigged, all are meant to lose, 
    all except the best of us
    'cause they are, if only they think they can be, 
    the best of us.