• poetryporn 115w

    Feelings Deep

    I walked down the busy road with my head faced down.
    People's wishpered when they saw me. It haunted me.
    I tried to ignore it all, but it got to me every time.
    It cut my heart so deep. I couldn't feel the pain.
    I walked as tears fell down my cheeks.
    I knew they will see it.
    I just couldn't hold it in.
    I reached to my hiding cave which they call home.
    Banged the door and jumped on the bed as shrieks came out.
    My life turned upside down.
    That one mistake changed my whole life.
    I took a blade to end my life.
    I thought. What about the people who cares about me?
    Is this the way things should end?
    I threw the blade away.
    I stood up for myself.
    I stopped caring for haters.
    They just know rumours. Not the truth.
    I lived for the people who cares about me.
    Death isn't the only solution.