• sai_krupa 5w

    Darling, straighten your crown and move on.

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    Beautiful brown eyes drawing me in
    All day long, I could keep gazing at him
    Falling for him, it got me thinking

    Playing me like it was the easiest thing
    Foolish was I, to have not seen it within
    This is a song to warn you little things
    Of men of art, skilled at cheating

    Don't fall for songs, he sings for you smiling
    Don't trust the hands that have yours in it
    Tears and laughter, no honesty within
    Genuine affection doesn't exist even if he's a king

    Douchebag he is, to not know it's killing
    You'll find the One who protects you from jerks like him
    Trust in the process and let go of him
    For you don't deserve to be treated like nothing