• shahzadhusain_ 24w


    When ever it rains
    Wonders are created
    As per the terrains
    Somewhere it seeps
    Into the cores deep
    Quenching the thirst
    Settling all the dust
    In the dry arid places
    One finds no traces
    Despite the torrential downpour
    Not a single drop to store

    Similar is situation
    With all us the humans
    Different is impression
    About his blessings and benedictions
    Some are so touched
    to the bottoms of their hearts
    Folded are their hands
    in gratitude and regards
    Different is the attitude
    Of the spirits that ever brood
    Nothing do they see in his lovely gifts
    Unsatisfied souls,always do sift

    So is the case
    which teachers face
    Droplets of knowledge
    Equally they drizzle
    But to few does it reach
    From rest,out it is fizzled

    So whenever it rains
    Tides of thoughts
    rise in my brain
    Somewhere life is sprouting in grains
    While at some places
    it is flooded with pains.