• inked_heart_ 9w

    A Lot More to Conquer..

    Let not the words of mediocre
    influence you by any means
    Out of ignorance they talk
    as to the world of mediocrity they belong!
    Not even a word is to be uttered
    as a reply to these poetasters
    Let time and fame prove
    their words worthless.
    Until then befriend silence
    and speak only when the deafening sound
    of claps make them wonder
    and realize that they have simply
    wasted their lives!
    To the world of excellence you belong
    And the day in which the world
    realize that is not so far , not so long..
    The world will not listen to the stories of toil
    but only to that of glory
    To shut the mouths that dared to question
    Speak only after being a conquerer of Victory!