• rexilasse 5w

    Two sisters

    Two sisters bound to a world of crime, set out in pursuit of their freedom! This scene starts off in a local resturant while they talk business with a top customer.

    Mr. Ralph sat at the tabel staring at Lisa and Elsa. The sight of him alone was enough to make one sick. Shoving a slice of pizza into his mouth and wipping his hands on his shirt he begans to speak to the two sisters. " Now you know what you have to do! You have three days to complete this gig or you know what happens." Damn right they knew very well what would happen, that's why they came up with the perfect plan to leave this life behind and for good! " Sure boss!" Lisa promptly spoke with a slight smile, as to not draw any attention to the look of dusgust on her face. "We know what to do!" Spoke Elsa. " We never failed to disappoint, now have we boss?" With tomato sauce dripping of his greesy, oil drenched chin. Mr. Ralph laughs a sinister laugh sending the two sisters off to what he doesn't know will be their final mission working for a man of disgust.