• scigs9 5w

    These words on paper save my life
    But they crumble and they fold
    There are stories etched on them that go untold
    But no matter where they end up ill always cherish them for being
    my therapy, my mascot, my outlet, my soul
    These words on paper fill in my whole
    My flaws, my imperfections written with flesh and bone
    My pageless notebooks scarttered across my home
    My words amplified to the masses but no one reads the words on the walls
    Its funny how a mask of smiles hides my feelings
    I wonder if deep down they still have that gutting feeling
    Like something isnt right
    Or do they write it off because it helps them sleep at night
    Do they bother to even care to even worry
    Or is hearing im ok all their glory
    These words on paper they tell no lies
    These words on paper expose who i am inside