• spandanmodi 31w

    International Mother's Day 2018

    No words are ever sufficient to describe Care and Unconditional Love provided by and all the Sacrifices and hard-work done by a Mother.

    It's astonishing and the same time unbelievable that how a Mother can handle not only her Personal, Professional (if she's working woman) and Social life along with running the house and managing her family members' lives in such a way that it seems like it does not require much effort whereas actually it requires so much efforts that it can't be done by one person.

    So on this Mother's Day, anyone can decide to make her happy by following below simple steps:

    1. You always be and stay Happy.
    2. Try to avoid talking with her in Angry/Rude/Loud tone as much as possible.
    3. For the persons who are not living with their mother due to Study or Job or anything else:
    No matter how much busy or exhausting your day have been, at least spare a little bit time to call your Mother even if it's for a minute only.

    P.S. If you will only follow the 1st step then also your Mother will be more than happy as Mothers are selfless and nothing else matters to them except their Children's happiness, but the rest of the steps are the least a Person should do as a symbol of Respect for the Enormous Love and Care given by Mother.

    Happy Mother's Day Everyone!!!