• secretwords 23w

    Its the autobiography of a pillow
    Hope you guys enjoy reading it
    She is scared of darkness
    So every night she grab me tight
    Shed her tears in me
    And fill my thirst with it
    Or i rejoice it thinking it as droplets of rains
    I catch her every tears and never let it fall
    Coz i know how precious it is
    She lean her head on me
    I can sense her by her fragrance
    She shared her memories with me
    Whole night spending the time with me
    And i am indeed lucky
    Coz i am with her at times when she needed me
    When she is in intense sorrow
    She holds me tightly
    And kisses me
    And weeps silently
    Then she fall asleep holding on me tightly
    She laugh at her sweetest dream
    And cried and yelled when she had nightmares
    But still i was there to lend her my help
    I watch her whole night
    If she is okay
    And when she wakes up
    I left her happily with her friends
    She always wanted me
    Coz she mean me as her own
    Thats how much she loves me
    Yes i am the pillow
    The pillow which was always with her
    At times when she needed me!
    The friendly pillow
    Which was with her
    At times when she was in grief!

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    I am the pillow