• __aurora__ 10w

    When Heaven Weeps.

    Incessant rains.
    I don't remember when the first drops fell.
    I myself asked ZEUS for this gift.

    I relish the beauty when heaven weeps.
    The playful drops pitter-patter on the roof
    They demand to be attended, a slight bit of attention.

    They deserve it.
    For, they remind us of the eternal love of the sky for the earth.

    Drops slide down
    Drops sip into the earth.
    And, once again await for the sky's call.

    It's when earthly creatures hide,
    And let the sky greet the earth,
    hiding behind the horizon clad in black.
    No chirps, no cries, no wings, no detached feathers, no shafts on my skin.

    And the petrichor?
    It must be lovely! I long for it.
    But, it's been raining here for long.
    The earth is too soaked to be dry.
    To soaked to amuse my olfactory senses.

    Was I looking through a frosted glass?
    Here! It it clear now.

    Why are the rains only around me?
    There shines the sun up above that golden trail.

    O sky!!!
    The earth is inundated.
    The drops assemble to form water,
    Which now seeps into my floor
    through the crevices at my mahogany door.

    Have I sinned?
    For I enjoyed the beauty when HEAVEN WEEPS.
    I WILL always....

    •~• Kay Tee

    //I want to revive the petrichor,
    The chirps, the cries, the wings
    The yells, the howls, the SCREAMS!//

    I once wrote a poem of the same title 2 years ago
    It was my first ever.
    I posted it but deleted soon
    As I was quite insecure.

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    When heaven weeps.

    Was I looking through a frosted glass?
    Here! It is clear now.
    "Am I cursed for beholding beauty?"