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    Inever write about mental health, i try to avoid such topics or take them as a joke for as long as possible because, i'm scared.
    My anxiety gets triggered the moment i hear someone's story and that's the sole reason why i was never ready to talk about it. But now i think its the right time to face the burdens of my mind.

    **If you are of anyone you know is dealing with mental illness but are not ready to talk about it or to talk to anyone then its your duty to encourage them, be there for them, try to understand what they want to say and if there is any way in which i can be helpful then do reach out to me. Until then, take care people.**

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    Anxiety- description.

    Its a pretty day and my smile blooms just fine,
    Just then comes the trigger, sending chills down my spine.
    Exhaustingly i breath, as if I'm underwater,
    I feel the winds freezing my senses, like i'm drop of blood in icy water.
    I look around people but they seem untouched,
    It starts speaking and now i'm wrecked.
    I hear delusional whispers of offenses about me, i hear them bring out the hate they feel for me.
    Soon their giggles of joy, become my misery,
    I wonder if they are gossiping about me ?
    Maybe i'm worthless, even jobless for thinking so much, or maybe i'm just going mad and here these are roots.
    A thousand thoughts make you bemuze,
    But believes in those who try to amuze.
    Darkness vanishes leaving you stale,
    The thoughts and insecurities trouble you for days.