• sree_writes 23w

    her happiness that day is unstoppable,
    she's pretty sure that her friends, family would admire her
    for speaking about "Menstruation"
    she spoke not just to win a prize
    but to change many minds
    that it's not a shame to speak in public
    yes,she won that competition
    by not getting any prize
    but by receiving admiration from those
    who commented at her
    who laughed at her introduction
    who said "enough !!come down" when she stated her topic
    who felt shy and bent heads when she started explaining
    yes,she won it,by recieving standing ovation from those ..
    but she lost,when the people who were her confidence pulled her down under the name --"Shame" and "Society"
    when society admired her,why not her own people..!!
    Yet,she is confident to change and can answer all those who pointed fingers at her
    because she never stops explaining them
    becoz she is proud to be a women who bleeds every month.

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    to all those pointed fingers,SHE replied:
    "where lies the shame?
    this is the blood without any war
    this is the red that leads to a birth..!! "

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