• saneeko 9w

    My initial Struggle at Meerakee!

    Through a coincidence,
    On a fine winter noon of 15th Nov. 2019
    I found Meerakee,
    I know not, how it works
    And yet feels too exciting at first sight!
    And Lo! I dived in,
    With blind faith!
    I scrolled and I searched,
    All the contents hitherto !
    A Confused me made my first post,
    Seeing the welcome notification,
    Excites me a lot........
    Feeling the warmth of a new community
    Makes me want to
    Stay here forever.
    And I believe I won't regret
    Me being here, in future:
    Because I believe
    My struggles and confusion
    Will vanish in due time.
    And I will definitely get adapted to this new habitat.