• _sicknotes 5w

    You're not dying fast enough
    I'm strangling, trying to squeeze as tight as I can, blood spurting out of your mouth.
    Where is that knife?
    Oh here it is, should I use it? No...
    I want you to die slow
    No! I don't care
    I start stabbing, stabbing as fast as my hands can wave, never seen so much blood,
    never been so happy.
    Maybe I can be a doctor after all...
    Forever passes in a second as I look through my bloody glasses,
    I can't recognize you, just a mass of flesh and mashed bones on the floor.
    so attractive, even in death
    I press my face to the ground, revelling in your shapeless body, your bashed face,
    Never laughed this hard, all because of you...
    My love.