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    # Never judge a book by its cover# @ andies @ linithkathy @ ritu priya

    All have heard
    This saying at any point
    Of our life, but how many
    Follow us , just a handful of people
    And the rest use it as a punchline to
    Show their good humour in front of
    Others. They are those people who
    In absence of anyone do not even give a
    Thought on this that what are they
    I have a story to share with you
    On this statement.
    The first one is about two salesperson
    Working for rolls royce.
    One day there were two persons at the
    Showroom at the same time to buy the
    Rolls royce cullinan ( a new model
    Of rolls royce). They both were
    Dressed in a different attire. One in a
    Suit and the other one in a very normal
    Dress. One of the salesperson took this
    Man as a poor guy and didn't pay any
    Attention to him but he was intrested in
    Attending the second person, so he
    Started talking to the second person.
    The second sales person was watching
    This. She felt bad about thos guy so
    She went to this guy and started
    Attending him, while the first person
    Made up his mind to buy this car so
    They went inside the office to complete
    Their paperwork and financing the
    Car. While financing the car the
    Salesperson found that the bank was
    Rejecting the card due to some reason
    So he was not able to finance the car.
    Till now the second person has
    Also made up his mind to buy the car ,
    The first salesperson immediately
    Said that he doesn't think any bank
    Would give him a loan of this much
    Amount. The buyer said who told you
    That i would apply for a loan to buy
    This car. I will buy this car by cash
    And he waas carrying a black bag
    He opened it and showed the amount.
    The first salesperson was shocked.
    He asked the guy from where did he
    Get so much money. The man
    Revealed that he was a Millionaire
    Dressed in this simple dress. He
    Completed the paper work and paid
    The full amount of the car by cash
    Purchased the car.
    Never judge a book by its cover.