• quality_joe 5w


    The tall fence snakes through the compound,
    It is so high that he sometimes thinks it mocks him for being short.
    Men on blue shirts that never fit, with a thorn tattered shorts.
    He has just been freed from prison, after being dished his own portion of injustice which he ate for 10yrs.

    On arriving in his neighborhood,
    Why is everywhere so congested? he asked his brother
    His home seems lost, no longer visible from the roadside
    And finally, there it is, sitting on its buttocks.
    He gently opens the door, and the ambiance of silence filled the room for some seconds.
    Then asked his little daughter, is that daddy?
    With a teary eyes, his wife flung unto him
    He grabs her so tight that he could feel her heartbeat
    Welcome home she says to him
    An aura of intense emotion filled the room as they rejoice.