• dukepacana 5w

    Hate is a strong word.
    The trait we all have.
    Hearing the cries, looking at the damages
    I am alone when I go to bed.
    I have no Hope in this world.
    Bored for Eternity...
    Can I die? I'm not really afraid..
    Then again, I have to pay attention to the hearts that breaks if I died.

    No matter how generous and kind and lovingly you are, someone will hate you.
    From daytime, and stardom.
    From springtime and autumn.
    Affection, and friendships are broken.
    I am alone.

    I'll kill, I'll kick, I'll gritt, I'll smile.
    We are all..
    Hated by Life itself.
    But we never know that they did.
    They say.. "Don't wish for death when your feeling week!"
    "Hardships aren't hard as they seem to be!"
    ... They don't mean at all, those words are nothing but empty shells.
    Well, I don't mind a bit if I dissapeared, not at all.
    Then a boy, wandering into the Dark....
    With a knife and his life as his offer .
    I decide to praise the lazy...
    And lay alone.
    "Kids with passion will become young adults with the will to achieve."

    "God, Why is this my future..?"

    "I'm I hated by Life itself?!"

    All of these gifts given to God, are JUST bought with MONEY.

    ...of course, that surely is.

    What makes it matter when we will die?
    We are like leaves, falling faster, and decaying like we had no evidence we breathed.

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