• rebelpjones 5w


    Just love one another
    Your woman, your man,
    Your neighbor, your sister, your brother,

    man shit, just love one another, why can't we be friends based on more than just culture or skin pigmentation, political beliefs or religion?

    We as a people out in the world daily resembling greed and hate and everything that opposes the simplest most beautiful thing- love man,

    love me like I love you, that means care enough to be considerate to my space and place in this world, I don't wish to fight you I wish to embrace your differences and learn, and in return I'll allow the same opportunity, and if you partake I'll even break off what I burn,

    you see I'm a student of life so when I'm in MySpace my face is usually in a book than I post in poetic form what I've learned on Facebook. See that's me showing love on a global scale, and trying to open eye's to the people that haven't yet realised all the lies being told to the world at an astronomical size.

    You see we've been pinned against one another for a larger purpose, for an agenda that one day will show that all we've done has hurt us, and been only beneficial to those who deem the most of us worthless. If we keep hating what we hate than we keep serving the devils purpose, you see I don't even capitalise his title cause he's not deserving or worthy, and I don't spend time serving his furthering reign on humanity.
    Now that's love.