• suppu1312 6w

    This absolutely so random Idk what I wrote just wrote it down anyway ����

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    Every time I gaze in your eyes
    I feel my world just like star dusts accumulating right inside your body
    Where your heart big as ocean lies,
    You became the epicenter of my tornado of dreams, emotions and love,

    Every time you hold my hands
    Every cells of my body dance in your symphony, chilling waves rushing through my spine,
    Adrenaline splash every little corner of my stiffened body, giving me goosebumps all over

    Every time you wrap your arms around my waist
    Pulling closer toward your chest, I can feel the thumping of two hearts, and your rushing warm breath showering all over my reddened face
    The sweet smell of your perfume cease my brain and stopped the flowing time
    And coming closer to my ears you whisper
    "you are mine"

    Every time you kissed my palms
    During cold winter night wrapping us together under your hoody, our hands hugging steaming coffee cups,
    Your dimples melting my heart every time
    Bathing under the cozy moonlight out side canteen
    Laughing madly on our self made jokes makes me forget all worries of life

    Idk how to explain but you're that opposite pole for this magnetic heart, that keeps on craving for you all the time ❤️..........