• the_wilted_dreamer 5w

    I am always running
    Running on glass
    Through glass
    From glass

    I have to be just light enough so I don't fall
    Just fast enough so I can break through
    And agile enough to keep from getting cut

    Time moves forever, and life drags so slow
    Time moves forever, every day is the same
    It weighs me down, and my base is coming apart
    I'm scared to fall, so I stop
    Frozen, lost. No one is here but me
    And every fragment of myself that I have lost
    I am the only target here
    And I keep getting shot

    So what am I supposed to do
    When it feels as if I can't move?
    Like I'm walking on wires above the deepest cliff
    I'm a pessimist, I always look down
    To see how hard I'll fall if I fail
    I cannot keep myself up forever
    The parts of me are unbalanced,
    I'm thrown off by my own mind into an abyss
    I fall forever, my good reputation is left in the clouds
    I may as well perish at this kind of low
    If there is no peace in me left

    Haven't I told you I am nothing?
    The weight of my mind keeps me down
    I'm always at rock bottom
    Rotting away in my thoughts
    Wide awake as I decay, destroy my own body

    The glass my life was made of is shattered
    I broke the mirrors and windows myself
    I'm bleeding out, like I'm the victim
    When I'm just a villain who doesn't know anything
    Who couldn't stand her reflection
    Who couldn't stand what she's done to herself
    She will always go back to self destruction
    Because she does not recognize good and bad
    It seems her hands are there to take things apart
    Always too much, one touch and things wither away

    She is a poison, a red flag
    No one crosses her but herself
    Everyone knows better than to touch her
    Because they know what she can do
    She ruins the sun, stars, light, and good
    So the sun, stars, light, and good
    Keep their distance

    The night, dark, chaos and aggression
    Consume every part of her.
    So of course it is all she knows
    It is her life, it is what she attracts
    It is her death, because she's too weak to stay

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    She is tied to the darkness, and the darkness is her mind. It is what she is made of. She is a reflection of the damage she caused, and can no longer stand the sight.