• charlin29 23w

    DON'T TRUST THEM!!!!!!!

    People that ask or asked for money that you never met and don't know over the internet, DON'T TRUST THEM!!!!!!! They are SCAMMERS!!!! They will act like they want a relationship with you and want your personal information like email, texting or house phone and so on. They would want you to use Western Union, Money Gram or set up a new bank account. This has happened to me 3 or 4 times so far and they act like they are from military and need money so they can go see their kids and then come to see you, but it's not even true. They will show you pictures, just to make you feel bad, so you will give them the money. It's a good thing that I have trust issues from all the heart aches I been put through, or I would of been stupid and give them money.